J Staff Highlight: Quinn Martin, Visitor’s Center Lead

Quinn MartinQuinn joined the J Hospitality Team in February of 2013 as one of our Tasting Room Leads in the J Visitor’s Center. He is certainly known for his charm and charisma, especially with the ladies. Originally a native of New Orleans, Quinn made his journey to California in 1996 to be with his family and study the food and wine industry. He honed his skills for 10 years in the culinary worlds of both Napa Valley and Sonoma County, then his path led him to J. Here, he continues to feed his passion for wine and entertain everyone with his fun personality. Be sure to say hi and introduce yourself on your next visit.

Nicknames: Magpie (’cause he talks a lot)

Hobbies: Cars, Wine Education, Chocolate and Bacon (in that order)

Favorite Band/Music Genre: Boombox Cartel, Charlie Parker, Jazz & Blues

Favorite J Wines: Bin 1008 and Freestone Vineyard Pinot Noir (“bold and earthy!”)

Influential Person/Mentor: Fred Dame (founder of the North American chapter of the Court of Master Sommeliers) and Sir Richard Bronson (business magnate and investor)

Favorite/Dream Travel Destination and Why? “I wouldn’t mind spending two months wandering European vineyards, preferably the oldest spots for winemaking.”

Best memory at J (so far): “During an event, Judy Jordan pointed out that there was duct tape or super glue stuck on my shoe.  I looked down, trying to find it, and looked back only to see the smile on Judy’s face. Judy then told me, ‘You’re not going anywhere Quinn.’”